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DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Amid the proliferation of real time data from sources such as mobile devices, web, social media, sensors, log files and transactional applications, Big Data has found a host of vertical market applications, ranging from fraud detection to R&D. Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140821/138541 "Big Data Market: 2014 – 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts" Key Findings: In 2014 Big Data vendors will pocket nearly $30 Billion from hardware, software and professional services revenues Big Data investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 17% over the next 6 years, eventually accounting for $76 Billion by the end of 2020 The market is ripe for acquisitions of pure-play Big Data startups, as competition heats up between IT incumbents Nearly every large scale IT ven... (more)

Where Are RIA Technologies Headed in 2008?

I am always being told off by i-technologists for quoting Picasso as having said that computers are useless. But I still love his reasoning? "Because they can only give you answers." Picasso, like AJAXWorld Magazine, liked questions. So we thought we would share with you what some of the world's leading rich Internet application pioneers are thinking may be the next questions that we need to see answered. From that readers can themselves infer where AJAX is headed. What are the top questions to ask next about AJAX? Eric Miraglia of Yahoo! 1.  (From March'08) How do I calculate the ROI of building my RIA on the iPhone SDK vs using AJAX? 2.  How do I assess the performance of my app and decide what to do next to make it faster?  3.  When it comes to accessibility, how do I know what's required of me for my rich web apps?  Beyond what's required, what makes good business se... (more)

How To Earn Money Selling Your Photos on Internet

Stock Photography on Ulitzer Got a digital camera? Now you can earn money selling your pictures on the Internet! If you have a good eye and if you are a creative person, you can generate very nice monthly income by selling your pictures on stock photography web sites. In a month or two you will start collecting monthly PayPal transfers for few hundreds bucks from any agency you decided to work with. You probably can not live from a few hundreds bucks a month, but come on – at least it pays you back for all that nice and expensive photographic gear you have purchased last year, and pays back quit fast. I truly love online stock photography phenomenon, since it is the first in the world and probably the only business model which allows amateur photographers like you and me to earn some money from they lovely hobby. In fact, if you are a talented photographer and you ... (more)

Social Media on Ulitzer - Strategy Nets New AUM for RIA

Social Media on Ulitzer RIAbiz.com recently discussed the findings of an August 24-25, 2009 Investment News survey conducted on the Twitter habits of the financial-advisory community.  Not surprisingly the survey reveals that "a mere 14.9% of financial advisers say they communicate with clients or colleagues through Twitter.  Meanwhile, only 44.9% and 43.8% of advisers say they use LinkedIn and Facebook, respectively, the survey found". Have RIAbiz.com and Investment News missed the point?  It's not about Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn!  It's about communicating with one's customers and clients utilizing ALL the tools available! So, what's my point? Practical, functional, and sensible go a long way to enhancing the relationships financial advisors are trying to create between themselves and their customers and clients, with or without social media tools.  Social me... (more)

Consume CTOVision on your Apple iPhone or iPad or Android Phone or Tablet with Google Currents

Ryan Kamauff introduced Google Currents to our readers, calling it “one of the best designed apps I have ever seen.”  I have to agree, they have done a good job with this, producing something that works on Android and iOS and works well for both those communities. Currents also works well for producers of content. Producers can easily configure the backend of the app to distribute content in ways that are easy for readers to find what interests them. We would like to draw your attention to the CTOvision.com edition for Google Currents. To find us, open this link on your mobile device: http://j.mp/ctocurrents We would appreciate you evaluating our feed there. We pull in the best content from our blog plus searched across Google+ on terms like “Technology” and the result is an interesting/dynamic feed of content for modern life. ... (more)

Web Application Lifecycle Maintenance

Like an automobile, a web application needs occasional maintenance and management over its life cycle. Although it doesn't need oil changes, it will probably need version upgrades. There may not be manufacturer recalls, but sometimes servers fail or hang. An application doesn't need to be washed and detailed, but it does need to be backed up. And both cars and applications need occasional performance tuning. This article provides a complete list of the system management functions that need to be performed on a standard architecture web application, with a particular emphasis on doing so in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service environment. 1. Evaluation Anyone who has implemented an application without sufficient evaluation, only to realize too late that it does not solve the business problem, will understand why evaluation is part of the application lifecycle. Evaluatio... (more)

HBO Brings Its Content to Google Play

If you’re not an HBO subscriber and you don’t know someone who’s willing to give you their HBO Go login credentials, then you’re pretty much locked out of the pay cabler’s walled original content garden. But as of Monday, HBO’s granting access to seven of its most popular series via Google Play. Pricing for the download-to-own shows, which includes Veep, Girls, The Newsroom, and (nerd-favorite) Game of Thrones, varies from $2 – $3 per episode and $19 – $29 for a full season. And more content is planned to hit Play soon, including HBO’s famed documentaries, although the cabler didn’t get any more specific than to say it’d arrive in the next few months. So, if you’ve been pirating to get your ‘It’s not TV, it’s intelligent porn fix,’ now you have a paid and legal alternative. Read the full story at Engadget. ... (more)

Google Beats its own CAPTCHA

By ShannonPerry When registering for email accounts online, have you ever had trouble reading those fuzzy letters and faded numbers that prove you are not a robot? Those tests happen to have a name, CAPTCHA – “Completely Automated Public turing tests to Tell Computers and Humans Apart” – and Google programmers have developed an algorithm that can solve them. That is, the technology can interpret the image into letters and numbers. Researchers at Google chronicled these impressive developments in an academic paper released April 14th. The project set out to develop software that could recognize multi-character text from imagery, in order to correctly read street names and numbers from Google’s Street View. More accurate addresses will mean better Google Maps, and better maps will mean happier Google users. The team then applied the algorithm to its own CAPTCHA system ... (more)

Innovium Investment Seed Media Group Announces New Initiatives

TORONTO, ONTARIO -- (Marketwire) -- 06/01/09 -- Innovium Media Properties Corp. ("Innovium")(TSX VENTURE: IN)(FRANKFURT: IH7) reports that Seed Media Group LLC ("Seed") Founder and CEO, Adam Bly, announced a number of new initiatives and innovations in scientific communication during a keynote speech at the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Annual Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland. One of Seed's principal assets is Scienceblogs.com, the largest science-related community online. The following initiatives enhance Seed's existing revenue-generating, blog-related product offerings. - Bly officially launched a new Information Science channel on ScienceBlogs for the 10,000 librarians who regularly visit the site. The new channel will feature several prominent librarian-bloggers and information scientists and will focus on open access and open science, digital and print p... (more)

Bytemobile Signs Multi-Year, Multi-Product Agreement With MetroPCS

Bytemobile, Inc., the global leader in mobile Internet solutions for wireless network operators, today announced a multi-year, multi-product supply agreement with MetroPCS Wireless, Inc., a subsidiary of MetroPCS Communications, Inc. for data optimization and content adaptation solutions. MetroPCS is the nation’s leading provider of unlimited, flat-rate, no-signed-contract wireless communications service. The web optimization application of Bytemobile’s Optimization and Services Node (OSN) will enable MetroPCS to cost-effectively scale its high-speed CDMA network to serve additional users and traffic within existing infrastructure. The Web Fidelity™ Suite of web, Flash and multimedia content adaptation applications will be deployed to enhance the MetroWEB® mobile internet service. MetroWEB data service is powered by Google and offers MetroPCS customers complete acc... (more)

Indonesia's Leading ISP, CBN and Zscaler Partner To Deliver 'Clean-Pipes' to Enterprises, SMBs and Consumers

JAKARTA, Indonesia and SAN FRANCISCO, April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- CBN, Indonesia's leading ISP and Zscaler Inc., the market leader in cloud-delivered, multi-tenant Security as a Service, today announced that CBN has chosen to partner with Zscaler to offer web security as a service to Enterprise, Small & Medium Business and Retail customers. This service will protect CBN's customers from malicious content and threats arising from internet usage. "With growing adoption of Web 2.0, our customers are using the majority of their internet bandwidth to go to the web. Unfortunately, most of the threats and malicious content today that our customers are exposed to also come from web access. Zscaler's industry leading advanced security technologies are best suited to provide a safe computing environment for our customers," said Sugiharto Darmakusuma, CBN Chief Commercial Off... (more)

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Alan Hase is Vice President of Engineering and Chief Development Officer at Big Switch. Alan has more than 20 years of experience in the networking industry and leading global engineering teams which have delivered industry leading innovation in high end routing, security, fabric and wireless technologies. Alan joined Big Switch from Extreme Networks where he was responsible for product strategy for its secure campus switching, intelligent mobility and campus orchestration products. Prior to Extreme Networks, Alan was the Vice President of Avaya's Intelligent Edge engineering and product management teams. Alan spent 15 years at Cisco where he held various leadership roles. Alan joined Cisco in 1996 to lead its High-End Router software engineering team. In 2001, Alan became a Director of Engineering, responsible for Cisco's IPsec VPN product development and strategic direction. In 2006, A...
Isomorphic Software is the global leader in high-end, web-based business applications. We develop, market, and support the SmartClient & Smart GWT HTML5/Ajax platform, combining the productivity and performance of traditional desktop software with the simplicity and reach of the open web. With staff in 10 timezones, Isomorphic provides a global network of services related to our technology, with offerings ranging from turnkey application development to SLA-backed enterprise support. Leading global enterprises use Isomorphic technology to reduce costs and improve productivity, developing & deploying sophisticated business applications with unprecedented ease and simplicity.
On-premise or off, you have powerful tools available to maximize the value of your infrastructure and you demand more visibility and operational control. Fortunately, data center management tools keep a vigil on memory contestation, power, thermal consumption, server health, and utilization, allowing better control no matter your cloud's shape. In this session, learn how Intel software tools enable real-time monitoring and precise management to lower operational costs and optimize infrastructure for today even as you're forecasting for tomorrow.
Public clouds dominate IT conversations but the next phase of cloud evolutions are "multi" hybrid cloud environments. The winners in the cloud services industry will be those organizations that understand how to leverage these technologies as complete service solutions for specific customer verticals. In turn, both business and IT actors throughout the enterprise will need to increase their engagement with multi-cloud deployments today while planning a technology strategy that will constitute a significant part of their IT budgets in the very near future. As IoT solutions are growing rapidly, as well as security challenges growing exponentially, without a doubt, the cloud world is about to change for the better. Again.
Cloud-Native thinking and Serverless Computing are now the norm in financial services, manufacturing, telco, healthcare, transportation, energy, media, entertainment, retail and other consumer industries, as well as the public sector. The widespread success of cloud computing is driving the DevOps revolution in enterprise IT. Now as never before, development teams must communicate and collaborate in a dynamic, 24/7/365 environment. There is no time to wait for long development cycles that produce software that is obsolete at launch. DevOps may be disruptive, but it is essential. DevOpsSUMMIT at CloudEXPO expands the DevOps community, enable a wide sharing of knowledge, and educate delegates and technology providers alike.