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Seven quick facts about R

I've been spending the week at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in Las Vegas, and R has been quite prominent here. Of course, R got namechecked several times on the panel about the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics, and several of the regular talks mentioned R as well. I gave a short presentation on R and Revolution R Enterprise. You can see the slides below, and for Slide 4 I put together 7 facts about the growth of R: R is the highest paid IT skill (Dice.com survey, January 2014) R most-used data science language after SQL (O'Reilly survey, January 2014) R is used by 70% of data miners (Rexer survey, October 2013) R is #15 of all programming languages (RedMonk language rankings, January 2014) R growing faster than any other data science language (KDNuggets survey, August 2013) R is the #1 Google Search for Advanced Analytics software (Google Trends, March 2014) R has more than 2 million users worldwide (Oracle estimate, February 2012) For more analysis on the growth of R, see The Popularity of Data Analysis Software by Bob Muenchen, updated in March 2014 with new job trends statistics. Big Data Predictive Analytics with Revolution R Enterprise (Gartner BI Summit 2014) from Revolution Analytics

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David Smith is Vice President of Marketing and Community at Revolution Analytics. He has a long history with the R and statistics communities. After graduating with a degree in Statistics from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, he spent four years researching statistical methodology at Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, where he also developed a number of packages for the S-PLUS statistical modeling environment. He continued his association with S-PLUS at Insightful (now TIBCO Spotfire) overseeing the product management of S-PLUS and other statistical and data mining products.<

David smith is the co-author (with Bill Venables) of the popular tutorial manual, An Introduction to R, and one of the originating developers of the ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics project. Today, he leads marketing for REvolution R, supports R communities worldwide, and is responsible for the Revolutions blog. Prior to joining Revolution Analytics, he served as vice president of product management at Zynchros, Inc. Follow him on twitter at @RevoDavid