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Shelly Palmer Radio Report – February 15, 2013

We’ve all killed a few minutes here and there playing Angry Birds on our phone. But do you remember kids carrying around a different time-killer before they all had smartphones? If you’re under 30 – or raised a kid during the 90s – you’ll remember the Tamagatchi, that egg-shaped time suck of a game that gave you a virtual pet that needed your constant attention to make sure it didn’t die. Get ready for a blast of nostalgia, because a Tamagatchi app was released to Google Play yesterday and is coming soon to iOS. The app makes you feed, heal and clean up after your pet, just like you did 15 years ago. But the app also gives the Tamagatchi some new games to play as well as a face-lift, bringing that pixeled, black-and-white monster to life in full color. Uh oh… I think my granddaughter just killed her creature. Time to see if Dr. Palmer can bring another one back from the dead.

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Shelly Palmer is the host of NBC Universal’s Live Digital with Shelly Palmer, a weekly half-hour television show about living and working in a digital world. He is Fox 5′s (WNYW-TV New York) Tech Expert and the host of United Stations Radio Network’s, MediaBytes, a daily syndicated radio report that features insightful commentary and a unique insiders take on the biggest stories in technology, media, and entertainment.