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Popcorn Maker: Add text, interactive maps and insert them to your videos on the Web

For many years the inclusion of video in our blogs or websites set was limited only youtube video boxes and had not changed almost nothing. Popcorn Maker is a tool created by the Mozilla Foundation, which allows you to add all that you need to make your website interactive is good.
You can add content from different sources, such as flickr, google maps, wikipedia, they will not be static but that will vary. So it is with Google Maps. No map is a snapshot, but really the map itself, so you can move smoothly over it.
You can start using your videos from Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, HTML5, and then in a timeline, you can add text boxes, enlarge or shrink the window containing the video to give importance to the issue you are developing and more!
Then, on your website, simply insert the HTML code.
I leave the presentation by Ryan Merkley, in a talk TEDGlobal 2012. (Activates Spanish subtitles if needed).

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