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Microsoft has a similar project, though not equal to Google Glass

Yesterday he met a patent application that Microsoft introduced in 2011 to the Patent Office of the United States, on a pair of glasses with augmented reality, something like the Google Glass project.
The difference with the project Glass of Google, is that these glasses are not for use during the day and according to the patent application, used to view live events like baseball games, basketball, concerts and more.
With these glasses Microsoft wants to improve the user experience by transmitting audio and text that overlaps the field of view and the event you are viewing.
For now it is not known whether they are working or not in the project, the news broke just as the Patent Office issued the request of Microsoft.
We'll see what happens, but for now, the first that will be released with a device like this with augmented reality, is Google who should shortly begin to market them.

Oh no, Google, why that video? // Blair's Research Blog

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