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How? +59% in 59 Months From Long-Only Portfolio, TSR

There’s a lot of hype around Corporate Spinoffs. Search Google and you find a few mentions of the big names and mainly US, from various press and blogs discussing the Spinoff. But investing money is a serious game. That’s because every notable and wise fund manager will remind you, “It’s hard to beat the market!”.

So how can you ‘Outperform the Market’?

Scanning the hundreds of investment research providers with a proven track record of recommendations to clients proved very difficult. However, one professional independent research provider stood out to me: The Spinoff Report® (TSR).

Remarkably, TSR’s research has proven to outperform major US benchmark, the S&P 500 and the MSCI World Index by 81% in 59 months; returning on an absolute basis, +59.3% (since inception in December 2007). Being long-only, reported monthly and recommended daily; that’s +1% a month from a focused portfolio.

“In October, our c.20 long Spinoff holdings were up +3.6% with the S&P 500 down -2.0%” stated, Ryan Mendy, COO of TSR

From the hundreds of Spinoffs worldwide in the last 5 years (click for examples), TSR have constantly reported their recommendations monthly to clients. They add the stock (Parent and/or Spinoff) to a client portfolio and remove them when the stock hits TSR’s target price(s) that they will have set in their full Spinoff analysis prior to the parent company breaking-up and listing. Equally, for the real value experience, TSR advise each client when they are entering and exiting a stock so they can best track and benefit from TSR’s performance.

If you’d invested in the S&P500 or MSCI World Index, as of Oct 31st, you’d still be at loss of -4% and -19% respectively.

With a team of 10 (7 analysts), based in the UK and founded in 2005 by two highly focused fund management and investment banking professionals, it appears The Spinoff Report are unique in that they cover every Spinoff globally. Something no other firm has done, along with exclusively advising global institutional funds on each.

TSR have coverage of 100+ global parent companies pending a break-up of a business division. Releasing full Spinoff analysis on 61 in 2012, TSR’s top value recommendations are evidently worth getting hold of if you want to ‘Beat the Market’?

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