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10 blogs in Spanish geeks to consider for your feeds

Last time when I spoke about the change of command and redesign Anglo Read Write Web blog, which was renamed Read Write, I said that this was one of the blogs I read daily and name them 3 or 4 more. But it is not only those who read here in GeeksRoom, the list is very long, the sources of feeds covering many different languages, which of course some dominate and others helps us Mr. Google with its translation service, because at this point my life I'm going to learn Turkish or Chinese, a language and not tell them because I would, on the contrary, but time is not my ally.
A while ago, revizando my feeds, I decided to make a short list of blogs in Spanish to be considered very reliable and above all they are "wizards", respect the work of others and when they publish articles of opinion or they generate through their investigation, placed sources, something I treasure.
The order has nothing to do, say that the list is in order of appearance, as in the theater and not in order of merit.

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