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The "picture" of Doug Rickard using Google Street View

No one imagined that in 2007 a mixture of Google Earth and Google Maps, which is now known as Google Street View, detonator would eventually be a thousand years after art projects. In photography, the "art panorama" cars of the Mountain View firm, has served to inspire and define new photographic styles or even re-invent any of them. This is the case of the photographic project, "A New American Picture", made by photographer Doug Rickard, and the San Francisco MOMA beloved owner school as the "New Photography".
Doug Rickard has managed to use the Google Street View like a open book will be discussed, and used it to search or key points within the immensity of pictures that is in it, and is that the diversity of perspectives offered this service, and the amount of times and places are a complete inspiration. The technique may seem a bit bizarre, and possibly look away from the original, but the fact is that Doug spends hours and hours surfing with his computer looking for the "perfect shot", by finding places that he believes may be of interest. After this try to investigate the compositions to get a shot merecededora to immortalize it, and then capture it with your Nikon camera. The last step of the process is to edit to taste each of the photographs.

You may think many people saw this, "What is photography today?" Since many people understand as photography that takes on a reality, but I wonder, "What is reality?" Since if you make reproductions of a work of art is a photograph to another "picture", and in itself is changing (albeit very slightly) imposed reality firsthand.
Rickard's work has already been exhibited in museums installations of high artistic caliber as the Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Art in Santa Barbara or the MOMA in New York, among others … And is that his work is the search for the they did other great photographers, photographing the search for something more internal and intense in what is already photographed.
Guys do you think, is the definition favored photographic projects of this caliber? Or is therefore only able to understand the art and this type of lift jacks to the other type of picture (that is closest to the most known)? For my part I have clear that I like, which is photography and know the concept into something beyond what a manual shows, and more so when the imagination is one of the few things we can do cross the line between win or lose.
I knew the project "A New American Picture" in my stay in New York, and until now had not gotten a video on your workflow. Today I bring you this video made by the public broadcaster PBS norteamircana about it.

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