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While Chrome, Firefox and Safari lose users, Internet Explorer is recovering slowly

According to the latest statistics NetMarketShare, although no significant changes, Internet Explorer, along with Opera, were the only ones to increase market share.
Before proceeding it should be noted that according to that company take the statistics, the results are different because they use different methods, so perhaps another company Internet Explorer have a lower total market share. So what I take most important of these reports is the variation that occurs one month to the next, assuming you used the same measurement system. That said, we continue to figures showing NetMarketShare report.
Between September and October Internet Explorer reached 54. 13% (+ 0. 50%) and reached 1 operates. 63% (+ 0. 01%).
But Google Chrome is the second consecutive month that lost market share: 18. 55% (- 0. 31%).
A Firefox also did well: 19. 99% (- 0. 09%) and is the second time in 12 months falling below 20%.
Safari, after reaching the highest figure in the last 12 months in September (5. 26%) now under 0. 05%, with the remaining 5. 21% market share
You see the values, except Internet Explorer, no major changes were
As mobile browsers market, while Safari continues to dominate with 60.31% (- 3.70% from the previous month), continues to lose ground rapidly and the Android browser with 25. 95% (+ 5.01%), still winning, also accelerated.

February, 2011 – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari Share Up ...

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