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Cloud-Native: A New Ecosystem for Putting Containers Into Production ▸ Register Here The standardization of container runtimes and images has sparked the creation of an almost overwhelming number of new open source projects that build on and otherwise work with these specifications. Of course, there's Kubernetes, which orchestrates and manages collections of containers. It was one of the first and best-known examples of projects that make containers truly useful for production use. However, more recently, the container ecosystem has truly exploded. A service mesh like Istio addresses many of the challenges faced by developers and operators as monolithic applications transition towards a distributed microservice architecture. A tracing tool like Jaeger analyzes what's happening as a transaction moves through a distributed system. Monitoring software like Prometheus ... (more)

Austin Was A Blast

Last night was our big MeetUp in Austin, and it was a blast. The guys from DadLabs made the video above, which somehow manages to both mock and honor the event at the same time. (They also helped us livestream our Web Grassroots panel, which at one point drew an online audience of 2,600 people). As you can see in the video above, the place was packed with folks from startups and stranger places. People came all the way from Dallas and LA to mingle in the startup crowd. I hitched a ride from the roundtable to the party from the Ice Cream Man in his truck, despite the fact that security asked him to leave the conference center we had been at for passing out free ice cream. In the end, everything was cool, though. Austin startups are a hardy breed. Since there are only a few venture capital firms in town, including Austin Ventures , which helped us put on the events, ... (more)

My Homepage on the Brand-new Ulitzer Platform!

Today I've discovered my new home page on the brand-new Ulitzer platform: It's a new service (still in beta) that allows users to create their own magazine. Goggling on the net I found the following information about the service: Ulitzer will be launched in February with 1,000 new magazine and journal titles, authored by more than 6,000 rock star technology writers, and over 1 million original and copyrighted articles. Ulitzer titles will be published under the Creative Commons license. http://marcocasario.ulitzer.com Launching a magazine at Ulitzer.com, which is currently in pre-beta, is designed to be as easy as boiling an egg and doesn't take much longer. For details of how to become a Ulitzer user, please contact editorial (at) SYS-CON.com. Once you've been handed the keys, you will be able to associate your future Web presence to whichever Topic or Topics suit... (more)

QuickLive Lifetime offers unique “pay as you grow” scalable integrated eCommerce and marketing services platform

• QuickLive Lifetime provides the only fully scalable eCommerce platform that will allow an online business to grow from software-as-a-service (SaaS) entry level to multi-million SKU enterprise ownership without the need for costly re-platforming • QuickLive Lifetime enables businesses to standardise on best-in-class solutions from the outset • Unique stepped approach to licensing, implementation and business services fills a gap in the eCommerce marketplace London — 19 October 2009:  QuickLive Lifetime ‘powered by hybris’, a new integrated eCommerce and marketing services platform will be launched tomorrow at E Commerce Expo 2009. QuickLive Lifetime enables businesses to standardise on cutting-edge eCommerce solutions and marketing services from the outset. It provides businesses with the flexibility, functionality, scalability and ability to customise as required t... (more)

Google Map Upgrades!

If you’re a customer or partner in the United States and you use MobileFrame’s GPS Tracking and Mapping functionality, you’ll be happy to hear that Google has just upgraded their United States maps.  They’ve updated them so they’re more accurate and they’ve added more detail around things like campuses and parks so that trails and walkways are now shown. Since MobileFrame partners with Google to provide the maps for our geocoding and mapping functionality, our customers will automatically benefit from these upgrades without having to do anything. For a complete run-down of the changes you can view the announcement in the Google LatLong Blog. ... (more)

Why sending large attachments sucks, but we’ll keep doing it anyway

The Google Operating System blog (independent of Google) has a useful post explaining why it’s a bad idea to send large attachments, even though Google now lets you attach files up to 25MB in size. The reasons the post gives have to do with how inefficient attachments are for the system: They get expanded and require multiple uncached downloads. But, those reasons won’t carry a lot of water for people who just want to send their 25MB Powerpoint presentation to 35 people who simply have to see it. (Mea culpa. Except these days it’d be Keynote for me … which seems to make much larger files than Powerpoint.) Until we come up with an easier way to send around files — or a way that adds enough other benefits — we’re going to be wrapping our attachment anvils in brown paper and twine, sticking stamps on them, and sending them through the emails just like God ... (more)

WLD launches dating sites for Borders, Cosmo and Men's Health

Intuitive portal designed to maximize partner income London, UK - 9 November 2009 - WhiteLabelDating.com (WLD), the international leader in customer focused, flexible & scalable online dating systems, today announces continued growth with the launch of 186 new dating sites across the UK, including sites for Borders, Cosmo and Men's Health. In addition, the company has also launched a portal to help its partners maximize returns for their online dating sites. The company paid out over £20million in revenue to partners this year alone, and expects its new advanced analytical and communications tools to allow partners to dramatically increase their customer conversion rates and retention. These new launches add to the momentum behind the business which now runs over 2,571 dating sites worldwide. The new partner portal allows members to build a site in 10 steps and to ... (more)

Gaming in Dayton

Dayton's game group generally only meets on shabbat, which would preclude me from attending. Perhaps in response to my request for an alternative day for gaming while I was in the area, or simply by coincidence, one of the gamers - Bruce - held a day of gaming in his house this past Sunday. Bruce. Note the three shelves stacked with games behind him. Although Bruce's house appears on Google Maps if you know where to look, searching for the street, or the cross-street, or any other street nearby only yields locations in other parts of Dayton. I managed to find his street on GM only by visually tracing the directions he gave out on the Dayton gamers mailing list (directions which were not otherwise helpful to me, as they assumed an origin from the north) until I located his street. Then I clicked the street and asked for "directions to here". At which point GM grudgingl... (more)

British Library to Launch Global Entrepreneurship Week

'Global Entrepreneurship: Driving the Recovery' Monday 16 November, 09:30 - 12:00 - British Library Conference Centre http://www.bl.uk/bipc/workevents/global/global.html Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009 will launch in the UK at the British Library Business & IP Centre - positioning entrepreneurship as a global force for economic and social changeKey events include In Conversation with Sir Alan Sugar (Tuesday 17 November) and Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Evening (Wednesday 18 November) with UK's leading female entrepreneurs such as Linda Bennett, Julie Meyer and Rachel ElnaughIntroducing a packed week of seminars, workshops and one-to-one advice sessions from the British Library's Business & IP Centre - providing the UK's entrepreneurs with the inspiration and information to take the plunge The key to recovery in a recession is innovation. In order to stimulate growth... (more)

It was yet another good year

The hodentek blog had more visitors than last year, approximating about 45,000 visitors for the year. The number of monthly visitors surged during the later half of the year. Of course this did not translate to any income from the blog. I am yet to see my first $100 cheque from Google. May be I should shift to Bing. Trend-wise IE has lost some ground since I last looked at it. IE, Mozilla and Google Chrome lead the pack. The graph is from Google Analytics. Some visitors keep coming to my site, still it is only 15% of the visits. I hope this will improve so that I can establish some reputation(!). I was fortunate enough to write another book that got published in 2009. I thank Packt Publishing for their continued interest in what I write. This time I got in the right time to write (during the CTP period). It was a pain in the neck to write during this fluid period, but p... (more)

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speakershare – Project Hosting on Google Code An easy way to share sound from one computer to another using the Bonjour service. (tags: music audio network share opensource freeware) War Is Boring: Matt Bors: “The 9/11 of Layoffs” Humorous take on the war on terror: "Osama has created more jobs than Obama" (tags: comics humour layoffs war) Followbase – Customer service & support via Twitter Kinda like a twitter directory of customer service ids and more (tags: twitter customerservice crm) Windows 7 has lots of ‘GodModes’ – Aviran’s Place They're also supposedly present in Vista. Wonder how much more useful they are compared to the Control Panel settings. (tags: windows blog tips hacking interesting) Find the Name of that Song Even Without Knowing the Lyrics A handy list of online services that can identify tunes by just hearing you hum them (tags: music web2.0 onlin... (more)

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Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk, is an accomplished digital business executive with extensive global expertise as a strategist, technologist, innovator, marketer, and communicator. For over 30 years across five continents, he has built success with Fortune 500 corporations, vendors, governments, and as a leading research analyst and consultant.
Cloud-enabled transformation has evolved from cost saving measure to business innovation strategy -- one that combines the cloud with cognitive capabilities to drive market disruption. Learn how you can achieve the insight and agility you need to gain a competitive advantage. Industry-acclaimed CTO and cloud expert, Shankar Kalyana presents. Only the most exceptional IBMers are appointed with the rare distinction of IBM Fellow, the highest technical honor in the company. Shankar has also received the prestigious Outstanding Technical Achievement Award three times - an accomplishment befitting only the most innovative thinkers. Shankar Kalyana is among the most respected strategists in the global technology industry. As CTO, with over 32 years of IT experience, Mr. Kalyana has architected, designed, developed, and implemented custom and packaged software solutions across a vast spectrum o...
Most DevOps journeys involve several phases of maturity. Research shows that the inflection point where organizations begin to see maximum value is when they implement tight integration deploying their code to their infrastructure. Success at this level is the last barrier to at-will deployment. Storage, for instance, is more capable than where we read and write data. In his session at @DevOpsSummit at 20th Cloud Expo, Josh Atwell, a Developer Advocate for NetApp, will discuss the role and value extensible storage infrastructure has in accelerating software development activities, improve code quality, reveal multiple deployment options through automated testing, and support continuous integration efforts. All this will be described using tools common in DevOps organizations.
DXWorldEXPO LLC announced today that ICOHOLDER named "Media Sponsor" of Miami Blockchain Event by FinTechEXPO. ICOHOLDER gives detailed information and help the community to invest in the trusty projects. Miami Blockchain Event by FinTechEXPO has opened its Call for Papers. The two-day event will present 20 top Blockchain experts. All speaking inquiries which covers the following information can be submitted by email to [email protected] Miami Blockchain Event by FinTechEXPOalso offers sponsorship and exhibit opportunities.
Today, we have more data to manage than ever. We also have better algorithms that help us access our data faster. Cloud is the driving force behind many of the data warehouse advancements we have enjoyed in recent years. But what are the best practices for storing data in the cloud for machine learning and data science applications?