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DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Amid the proliferation of real time data from sources such as mobile devices, web, social media, sensors, log files and transactional applications, Big Data has found a host of vertical market applications, ranging from fraud detection to R&D. Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140821/138541 "Big Data Market: 2014 – 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts" Key Findings: In 2014 Big Data vendors will pocket nearly $30 Billion from hardware, software and professional services revenues Big Data investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 17% over the next 6 years, eventually accounting for $76 Billion by the end of 2020 The market is ripe for acquisitions of pure-play Big Data startups, as competition heats up between IT incumbents Nearly every large scale IT ven... (more)

Put Your Competition in the RearView Mirror

One of my first CEO clients - a leader in the early days of the Search industry - gave me a great piece of advice about the competition.  I still follow it. "If you pay too much attention to the competition - you'll always end up following them." At the time I actually think I thought he was nuts. After all, as a young idealistic marketing consultant, competitive analysis was one of those B school standards near and dear to my heart. Now, some twenty something years later, I see how brilliant he was. Companies have to think for themselves, not like their competitors. I'm not saying that you have to ignore your competition. That'd be kinda silly, now wouldn't it. What I am saying is that companies have to stop focusing on what their competition is doing as the baseline for defining their future direction. Following the competition's lead won't help you be a leader. ... (more)

Bernie Borges' Marketing 2.0 Social Media Book

Social Media on Ulitzer Bernie Borges' new book: Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyers through Social Media Marketing. Bernie's book aims to give a macro view of social media marketing with a focus on "what it is" and "how" small and medium size businesses (SMB) can develop a strategy, implement it and measure results. Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyers through Social Media Marketing covers these topics: Marketing 2.0 What is Web 2.0 and Social Media? Think Like a Publisher: Content Marketing The Lifecycle of Interaction in Social Media Marketing Measuring Results in Social Media Marketing Risks in Social Media Marketing Benefits of Social Media Marketing Case Studies - SMBs Succeding with Social Media We have invited Bernie Borges, the author of Marketing 2.0: Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyers through Social Media Marketi... (more)

Will surface drives operate in reverse?

We received that question last week, and thought it important enough to clear up a common misconception about surface drives. The answer is: “Yes, surface drives will operate in reverse.” Some facts: At slow speeds, surface piercing propellers are not as efficient as fixed pitch propellers. When operated in reverse, surface piercing propellers will produce thrust in the opposite direction. Water jets will operate in reverse, but in shallow water, where maneuvering is likely to occur, they still can be impeded or damaged by silt-laden water. The transom will interfere with reverse thrust.   So, though surface drives are not optimal for reverse motion, the performance generally suffices in most situations. The ability to trim a drive is critical. The vessel transom, in impeding thrust, must be “bypassed”, and this is done by trimming the drives down when the vessel n... (more)

Google Patches Biggest Security Risk in Android’s History

It doesn’t get much scarier than this. Bluebox Security claimed to have discovered a vulnerability in Android’s security model that could allow attackers to convert 99 percent of all applications into Trojan malware. Google has told ZDNet that the hole has been patched and that it has been released to original equipment manufacturers (OEM)s. Bluebox Security CTO Jeff Forristal had said that this Master Key vulnerability has been “around at least since the release of Android 1.6, [and] could affect any Android phone released in the last four years — or nearly 900 million devices.” This security vulnerability is in how Android applications are verified and installed. Each application has a cryptographic signature, to ensure that the contents of an application have not been tampered with. The security hole, however, enables attackers to change the contents of an applic... (more)

Your Public Facebook Posts Will Soon Be Given to Marketers

Facebook knows what you talk about, just like Twitter. But its edge is that it also knows who you are. Facebook’s newest APIs let select news outlets view search and see your public posts, plus it tallies keyword mentions and collects the demographic data of everyone mentioning certain keywords. But it’s confirmed to me that “We see the potential for these tools to be really useful down the line for brands and agencies. That will definitely come in the coming weeks.” It all started with Facebook Lexicon. Built by one of Facebook’s early data scientists Roddy Lindsay, Lexicon launched to little fanfare back in 2008 and let you see the relative frequency of how often different keywords appeared in wall posts. Similar to Google Trends, you couldn’t see the exact number of times people mentioned “Iraq,” but could see how popularity of the term waxed and waned. Read the... (more)

PR, a Taboo for Writers? Nope! Not at all!

From the Magic MasterMinds Blog Writing a story, either short or long and writing a press release are quite different things, but applying SEO to the news releases sometimes becomes a real challenge. The post PR, a Taboo for Writers? Nope! Not at all! appeared first on Magic MasterMinds Magazine. ... (more)

Report: Google Could Launch a ‘Nexus TV’ Android Set-Top Box in 2014

Google isn’t giving up its living room ambitions. The company is said to be working on a “Nexus TV” device that will run Android, stream video from services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and play a selection of video games. The rumor comes from The Information’s Amir Efrati, who cites an anonymous Google employee. The device is said to be ready for launch as soon as the first half of next year, according to the report. Rumors of a Google-made Android set top box go back to July of this year, when The Wall Street Journal reported that such a device was demoed by Andy Rubin behind closed doors at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sources told the paper at the time that the box included a Kinect-like motion sensor and could be controlled with an Android smartphone. Read the full story at The Verge. ... (more)

Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly – Week of February 9, 2014

Welcome to Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly, an online newsletter that consists of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility in Asia.  Asia is predicted to be the fastest area of growth for enterprise mobility between now and 2016. Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read M2M News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Cyber Security News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Looking for an enterprise mobility solution?  Read the Mobile Solution Directory Here! Software firm VMware has announced it will acquire enterprise mobility management provider Airwatch.  IDC Asia/Pacific believes this will “fundamentally change the future of VMware's end user computing business in Asia/Pacific”.  Read Original Content A group of mobile operators in the Asia Pacific region has unveiled a n... (more)

Study: Hacker Attacks on Websites Up 75 Percent in Q3 2014

Akamai Technologies’ State of the Internet report for Q4 2013 has just arrived, and one stat stands out like a bad rash: DDoS (denial of service) attacks were up 75 percent over last quarter, and 23 percent from the year before. Most of the targets were enterprises, and Akamai said that the likelihood of a repeat hack is one in three — a 35 percent bump over last year. Such numbers have no doubt fueled demand for services like Google’s Project Shield, which shelter businesses behind massive cloud servers that can easily absorb an onslaught. As for the countries of origin? The dubious winner of that prize (by far) was China with 43 percent of all attacks, followed by the US and Canada. The latter nation saw a not-very-polite 2500 percent bump in DDoS attacks over last year — hopefully not a trend. Read the full story at Engadget, and Akamai’s State of the Internet Re... (more)

Imaginestics Unveils World's First Online Shape Search Engine at DEMOfall '06

SAN DIEGO, DEMOfall '06, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Imaginestics, LLC, creator of the world's first online shape search engine, 3D-Seek, debuts its service this week at DEMOfall '06. Using http://3d-seek.com/ , users can simply doodle (draw freehand sketch) a shape of the desired part/product on the doodle pad or upload a 2D drawing/3D model of a part/product as search input to locate a supplier who produces that part or has the capability to manufacture it. 3D-Seek.com uses its unique shape matching technology to match the input shape with hundreds of thousands of parts that have been made available by participating suppliers to provide search users with an accurate match within seconds. In combination with a powerful ontology knowledge-based text search technology, 3D-Seek's revolutionary shape search engine easily overcomes the challenges faced by text based search... (more)

CloudEXPO Stories
Alan Hase is Vice President of Engineering and Chief Development Officer at Big Switch. Alan has more than 20 years of experience in the networking industry and leading global engineering teams which have delivered industry leading innovation in high end routing, security, fabric and wireless technologies. Alan joined Big Switch from Extreme Networks where he was responsible for product strategy for its secure campus switching, intelligent mobility and campus orchestration products. Prior to Extreme Networks, Alan was the Vice President of Avaya's Intelligent Edge engineering and product management teams. Alan spent 15 years at Cisco where he held various leadership roles. Alan joined Cisco in 1996 to lead its High-End Router software engineering team. In 2001, Alan became a Director of Engineering, responsible for Cisco's IPsec VPN product development and strategic direction. In 2006, A...
In an age of borderless networks, security for the cloud and security for the corporate network can no longer be separated. Security teams are now presented with the challenge of monitoring and controlling access to these cloud environments, as they represent yet another frontier for cyber-attacks. Complete visibility has never been more important-or more difficult. Powered by AI, Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System technology is the only solution to offer real-time visibility and insight into all parts of a network, regardless of its configuration. By learning a ‘pattern of life' for all networks, devices, and users, Darktrace can detect threats as they arise and autonomously respond in real time - all without impacting server performance.
At CloudEXPO Silicon Valley, June 24-26, 2019, Digital Transformation (DX) is a major focus with expanded DevOpsSUMMIT and FinTechEXPO programs within the DXWorldEXPO agenda. Successful transformation requires a laser focus on being data-driven and on using all the tools available that enable transformation if they plan to survive over the long term. A total of 88% of Fortune 500 companies from a generation ago are now out of business. Only 12% still survive. Similar percentages are found throughout enterprises of all sizes.
As the digitization of business accelerates the move of critical applications and content to the cloud, the network has never been as critical to business success. Consuming everything ‘as-a-service' requires new levels of network automation, agility and security. Discover how Enterprises can take advantage of Digital Platforms, directly connecting to an extensive ecosystem of digital partners and flex their service at the click of a button.
Financial enterprises in New York City, London, Singapore, and other world financial capitals are embracing a new generation of smart, automated FinTech that eliminates many cumbersome, slow, and expensive intermediate processes from their businesses. Accordingly, attendees at the upcoming 23rd CloudEXPO, June 24-26, 2019 at Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA will find fresh new content in full new FinTech & Enterprise Blockchain track.